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The Garden Keys

22 Keys of Restoration 

Volume 1 - From the Beginning to Israel


Author: Danielle Freitag, LADC 


Take an in-depth look at the commercial sex industry in an authentic, real-life journey out of the depths of grief, addiction and the business of exploitation. This first-hand account of overcoming, written by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor, is a story of restoration that gives practical tools for healing from trauma and finding wholeness — body, soul and spirit. Learn to recognize the tactics that seduce, sedate and silence and move out of the thorns and thistles of entanglement. In this journey that mirrors the exodus from Egypt into the promised land, experience awakening as you apply biblical keys for restoration.


Find keys to flourish in the garden of your life — growing with purpose, hope and destiny.


  • Activate hope and restoration with keys of courage, forgiveness, and reconciliation

  • Prayer and action steps for finding freedom from addiction

  • Devotional section for practical, biblical application, reflection, and personalization


Paperback 203 Pages

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