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I'll never forget the last night I attempted driving to the strip club. A song by Evanescence played loudly in my car.  It was also one of the songs that played while I danced on stage. 


As I drove once again to the place where I was becoming angry, tears streamed down my face as reality



Anna is a multi-faceted creative; she is an entrepreneur and artist at Anna Friendt Artwork & Illustration, wife, and a new mama to a beautiful daughter.


Anna has always known she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. She was six when she wrote it down. As she grew, she discovered her creativity would grow with her. Just as it is with achieving any goal, there is always hardships, resistance, and obstacles. Hers came in the form of clinical depression and severe anxiety which stemmed from a traumatic childhood and unstable young adult life; sexual abuse, foster care to adoption, and commercial sexual exploitation – all of which are overcome. She attributes those victories to her Father in heaven and now moves forward in healing.



I was a little girl who had a dream of becoming a lawyer some day. Instead, I grew up and became a stripper. 


It's easy to accuse those who took advantage of my vulnerabilities as a little girl, but I won't. You see, we are all broken. Some more than others, but it is 

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