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Who We are 

Bella Daughter is here to love and assist those who have been in the sex industry or who currently are.  


Bella Daughter is survivor led, meaning there is an understanding of the realities of the industry.  We are here to love, support and empower you. Whether you are still in the industry or not, and would like some support, we are here for you. 


Bella Daughter's goal is not to try to convince or force people to leave sex work. We are not here to judge or tell people how to live their lives. We believe that our role is to love and encourage women to know their value and worth in the sight of a loving God. We do desire for women to lead flourishing, healthy lives, and so a bridge to any necessary resources is available to you. 


Although most of our outreach is done in strip clubs, we serve women in all areas of the sex industry, including escorting and porn. 


We will provide services and support to any woman in the sex industry regardless of whether or not she wants to leave the business. 

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